Monday, January 23, 2012


RIESLING VINTAGE François alphonse 2008 KIENTZLER:
With a nose setting on an excellent powerful exotic fruit. The acidity brings a sensation of freshness and thoughtlessness. It is the wine, which is going to bring a big sensation of exoticism and power. A little mineral he will accompany marvelously the fish. We find also notes of flowers of locust tree there, which gives one certain subtlety in the wine. For consumers looking for true wines and power. Consumption into these 3 years for takes advantage of the freshness of this wine.

Domain st Sebastien on 2009 banyuls empreinte:
With a very complete palette of aroma going of a candied fruit of fig and plum to a crystallized banana. The notes of spice call back an oriental and warm wine. He will allow discovering the sensuality of wines of banyuls, which will exhilarate your papillae. That length will surprise you and you’re to leave speechless. For a consumer looking for the originality of the product and wishing agreements dish and rare wine on table. These wines can keep several years before being consumed.

Leoville Poyferre Saint Julien 1985 2 crus classé de 1855 :
This wine will surprise you at first by its freshness and its still present material in spite of a few years. He offers aromas of typical candied fruit prune, as well as tertiary aromas such as copper, smoked, notes animal and tobacco. This wine crosses the time and the age by its subtlety and its still present body, expressing this feeling of terroir and to know how to make Saint Julien. For a warned consumer looking for of ancient sensation, and a traditional style, like the tertiary aromas. To consume rather this year if your wine was keeping in good condition, he stays in him a few years to be lived even if the wine begins that downward slope.

By Segard Maxence

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